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High On Mercury?

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According to Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa, M.D., “mercury comes from two sources, the so called two F’s, fillings and fish”. Amalgama dental fillings in the past used to be loaded with mercury, and many in their 40’s, 50’s 60’s today got them as children. “Fish is also a huge source of mercury” continues Dr. Soram, “as more and more research is showing that mercury, like all the heavy metals, is a neuro-toxin as well as an immuno-poison and an endocrine disruptor”. Mercury, like all heavy-metals affects three systems: the immune system, the endocrine and the nervous system.
Dr. Soram tells us about one of its recent “high on mercury” cases. A 49 year old from a well known corporation, a very wealthy guy stating he had memory problems, he couldn’t remember what he told his business partners, or what he had said in a meeting. This patient ended up at Dr. Khalsa after being visited by a big neurologist, and having had MRI and specs scans, all coming out as normal. They basically said to him -it’s all right – although he was loosing his memory.
“I looked on his intake form that we give to our patients, and noticed he was eating fish three times a week”, reports the doctor. “I got a blood mercury level on his blood and the level was 23… and the government says over 10 is acute intoxication. I told him his problem was that he had a lot of mercury and that mercury is a neurotoxin. He didn’t believe me. I wanted to know how much more mercury he had in his body so I give him an home urine challenge test which pulls the mercury out of the organs and puts it in the urine. He collected his urine for 6 hours and the result came back. This guy was 99 on his mercury and the normal is less then 3. The highest I’ve ever seen was a lady who died 3 months after I did the test of breast cancer who was 150. I told him my diagnosis. I knew the cause of his medical problems. He was high in mercury, because mercury is a neurotoxin. He didn’t believe me. Two days later he emails me, attaching a 16 page article from the journal of Alzehimer research: Mercury and the relationship to Alzeimher disease. He was completely freaked out. He apologized, came back in, and we started to clean out the mercury. I expect his memory will improve. We do this with chelation therapy. Pills that pull out the mercury through the urine, the stools and the sweat. It will take approx 5 to 6 min”.
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