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Beauty-Care Chemicals every woman should avoid

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Remember the names of these harmful chemicals contained in most women’s beauty care products. Memorize those names and if you see them on any personal care product label, do not buy into it, even though it might carry the name of a very famous brand you always liked. For a deeper understanding of this important issue, we highly recommend this book and blog called No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt.

Used in shampoo, conditioner, soaps,toothpaste, they create a lot of foam. They cause rashes, scalp scabs, they penetrate the skin and scalp easily and cannot be metabolized by the liver. Possible endocrine disruptors.

Associated with contact dermatitis and systemic toxicity. May cause rashes and acne.

Stay away from these guys. This is a group of chemical compounds contained in plastics, water bottles, perfume, cosmetics and toys. They are known hormone disruptors, suspected carcinogens and can cause birth defects. They can also impair fertility and are a suspected cause of endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Contained in hair dyes, hair bleach and colored shampoo. Exposure can cause bronchial problems, nervous system damage, eczema, rashes. In some studies it was linked to bladder cancer.

They have been found in breast tumor tissue and they penetrate the skin and migrate to body tissue. They are in everything – makeup, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, scrubs.

FORMALDEHYDE (listed as cormalin, formic aldehyde)
Contained in nail polish, antiperspirant, makeup, bubble bath, shampoo, baby lotion. It is classified as a carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency of Research on Cancer and his associated with different kinds of cancer. It may cause liver problems and immune-system toxicity.

Watch your mascara, ladies. Lead and mercury are linked to depression and brain damage. Lead can cause aggressive behavior and depression. Mercury is associated with renal failure, dementia, mental deterioration and muscle tremors.

When listed, it can mean anything up to synthetic cocktails containing as many as five hundred chemicals at a time.Used in makeup, shampoo, conditioner, face was, deodorants, you name it. Some fragrance ingredients are neurotoxins, they cause skin irritations and exacerbate ashtma.