A collection

of Lulu’s travel writings

between Rio de Janeiro,

Marrakech, Venice Beach, Big Sur and Tuscany.

A world adventurer, Lulu has lived between Milan, London, Rome, Los Angeles and Tuscany.
“My territorial nomadism is in fact the reflection of my nomadic state of mind, bearing both, the desire to find a sense of belonging in what is elsewhere, and at the same time the willingness to go beyond my comfort-zone, in an eternal cross-over of any cultural and cognitive barrier.”

Cover stories

Hollywood Hills with Moby

Born and raised in New York, Moby talks about his fascination with the photographic medium. The encounter with the singer/songwriter/producer happens in the guest-house of his gorgeous Hollywood Hills abode, designed by the late John Lautner, pupil of the greatest American architect of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright.