Eat, Travel and Thrive

LuluMag is a digital magazine with a focus on world travel, healthy food and overall wellbeing.

Funded by Lulu in 2013 – with the intent of sharing her hotel and restaurant recommendations around the world – the magazine eventually became a wider container for all people interested in improving their lifestyle.

With an Italian-American eye on popular culture, Lulu reviews boutique hotels and restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Tuscany and California, suggesting her favorite picks to sophisticated world travelers.

As a teacher of mindfulness and wellness leader, she met some of the most influential figures in the wellbeing arena, and so LuluMag turned into a hub in which she could also share all the tips she discovered for living a healthier and happier life.

Targeting women from all walks of life, in this magazine Lulu offers precious advice on what it means to have a toxin-free beauty routine, directing her readers in choosing beauty products that are 100 percent cruelty free and with zero chemicals. 

An holistic approach to wellness is the foundation and mission of this magazine.

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