Chef Ricardo Zárate has been gravitating in the Los Angeles restaurant scene for years, emerging as a kingmaker with Mo-Chica and Picca, where he revolutionized the way we think of Peruvian Cuisine. Stepping away from any convention, he recreated Peruvian classics like salads and chevice with the finest sea-food and first class meats, all of which soon won him the Best new Chef Award.

Kampachi Chevice

With his newest creation, Rosaline‘, named  in honor of his late mother, Zarate could easily be named one of the most revolutionary chefs in the Los Angeles dining scene. Sapiently blending Peruvian and Japanese cuisines like no other, Zarate has re-opened the next phase of Peruvian dining with the ability of turning his dishes into an absolute feast of the senses, which will make your palate swing and your  tongue dance.

Arroz Con Pollo

He first seduced us with his sexy chevice revisitations: the kampachi ceviche with baja california amberjack, aji pesto, charcoal oven roasted sweet potato, aji limo lime dressing, and the tiradito de corvina, with ensenada sea bass, amazonian charapita chili, and tamari yuzu walnut dressing.

Chaufa Paella

We continued the feast with his chicharron de paiche, with popped kiwicha, fried amazonian paiche, yuzu aioli sauce, adding lomo saltado, lumps of filet mignon sautéed in a soy-based gravy with tomatoes and new potatoes. We endured through the entire feast sipping his supreme cocktails, which are another great reason to dine at Rosaline’.


8479 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, (323) 297-9500,